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Deep Space Medicine
CRS project
UST Deep Space Medicine response to biohazards. Medicine for space to save lives on Earth
Simulation of COVID-2025*
Similar to COVID-19, higher mortality rate
Simulation of virus or bacterial disease that may be derived from long-term-space flights and has extremely high mortality rate
The goal of the project is the timely development of methods for counteracting of future mutations of the coronavirus, characterized by a high mortality rate (COVID-2025*), viruses and other biological threats (OSDVX) associated with an increase of crewed space flights, as well as a change in the active biological structure planet Earth, including due to the melting of glaciers.
CRS Project design
When designing and planning this project, the following factors were taken into account:
1. Positive practical experience in recovering patients after SARS-CoV-2.
2. The original position on coronavirus infection.
3. The ability to attract and analyze the client base of methods for training astronauts.
4. Systematic work on the training and rehabilitation of cosmonauts for long-term flights.
5. Availability of material base, including advanced, experimental technologies based on technologies "big data" and "artificial intelligence".
6. Features of the material base, providing the possibility of a long stay of patients in conditions of acceptable comfort directly at the clinic.
7. Opportunity to involve the best scientists in the project, taking into account their practical experience of working with children, including extreme cases in terms of general health.
8. General life experience and developed fragments of aerospace medicine.
Developed in 2013-2020 for Space. To be available for general public in 2024.
So far for UHNW only.
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A private project with no public/government money involved.
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