DrSpace AI
You are not alone
This is a family business of making a new generation of astronauts.

AI-based MedTech that solves key issues of long-time-space-flight.

UST astronauts with RTF(ready-to-fly) status are prepared to resist microgravity challenges, overcome the radiation showstopper, and deal with new viruses and bacterias in the most efficient way.

After 6-12 months of flying, UST RTF astronauts will be able to walk out of the spacecraft with no help from others and have health resources to live and work efficiently.

The immune system of UST RTF is capable of dealing with the biohazards of high-risk.

Besides aerospace, the technology is used for high-performance athletes and the elites. The project is done in partnership with a group of doctors, astronauts, and scientists.
Phase I.The key technology
By December of 2020 DrSpace owns key technology for long-term space flights.
Radiation showstopper and microgravity human body issues are solved.
Next Generation Challenge is almost done.
Phase II. Current agenda
More things to consider as the magnetic field and gravity volatilities, air,
water, food, and timeshift related issues. Dental protocols, loneliness, sex, and love issues, and few other classified things are spotlighted.
Phase III. Dedicated missions
Starting October 2023 dedicated missions are planned to influence the 2024 cargo Mars Mission and fix protocols for 2026 Mars Mission manned flights.
Made for Space.
Piece by piece available to the general public.
Under CRS project guidelines
How it works
It watching
The system is receiving all things we can record and transfer to AI

Currently there are 5 real-life doctors and more coming

Also we processing space medicine related materials available from opened sourced
Learning from mistakes
AI is trying to learn as much as possible from mistakes and faults as it increasing speed of learning

Little by little AI starting to make advices and see how it goes

Unlike others we don’t mind to declare that ‘fake until you make it’ works perfectly in this case
Fake until you make it

Our clients barely will be able distinguish between advices and instructions from a real doctor or AI

Hybrid mode implies time when AI and a real doctor work together
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